Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Should I allow the wedding to go on..

Hi, I think u can help post this on your blog/channel so we can see what most opinions would hold.
My cousin and her boyfriend dated for 3yrs, but she was in the university so she wanted to get done with school and be called to the nigerian bar before she tied the knots. However in her 500L few months before she graduated she started noticing strange attitudes with her ex.

A month before going to law school she begged her ex to open up to her if he was seeing someone else and he admitted that he was getting tired of waiting. She asked him if he loved the girl and he said yes. She inquired further who the girl was and he mentioned her name. He was getting married to the girl that he was dating before him and my cousin started going out.
She has been broken for more than 5 months and when she came back from law school, her ex told her he couldn't stop thinking about her. That night because of the love and connection they shared they made love to each other. Not knowing that he was still with the other girl. She just returned for her court attachment and she was informed by her ex that he's getting...

married on the 4th of June to this other girl who he was dating.
My cousin is devastated, she has cried and i've told her to be strong,if she can attend the wedding then she should, else she should stay at home.
The question is, should she confront the guy over his actions and stop the wedding because she still loves him or she should let the wedding go on and not inform his bride-to-be?



  1. I feel so sorry for her cousin. But my advice to her is to let go and also she should move on with her life. I know it's not easy. But she need to allow this experience make her wiser in the right way. And my advice again to her is to never allow a man to cajole her into having sex with her in the name of "love". True love is not selfish but considerate and sacrificial. I hope this helps.

  2. Let it go. It's a lesson for you to keep yourself till you get married. With that, no guy can toil with your body


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