Monday, May 23, 2016

Should I continue with the marriage plans

I met this guy and our relationship is almost a year now. We're really into each other and not long ago he proposed. He has met my parent and they like him. He dated a lady before we met but she calls and disturb him a lot. He has tried cutting her off but she seems too adamant, I guess it's because she loves him and he said I should give him time to

...things with her. He rejects her calls & sometimes scold her to stop calling him. She knows he now has a fiancee but she doesn't wanna let go. She just got admission, she's under 20 and its clear my guy can't marry her.
I noticed they've stopped talking but I find it heard to believe. His phone is always with me, he doesn't hide it from me. Recently he received a message...

..from the girl. I read through and found out she aborted a pregnancy for him, of which she wrote that my guy hasn't been calling or replying to her message. I felt so bad, and confronted him but he denied and said she's just using that as a excuse to get back to him. That she actually told him she was pregnant, but he didn't reply so she aborted it. That I should see

...playing pranks. I'm just confused because he told me they saw each other some months back and he only did so to explain things to her that he will be getting married soon. And to advice her to try and face her education. He apologized and promised they won't see each other again.
But am just scared he might cheat on

...again, coz this whole thing happened even after he has proposed. Do I continue with the marriage plans?

Please I really need your comments.


  1. I will strongly advice you not to continue with the wedding plans because if you do, it will be very disastrous for you in the end. A man who cannot come clean with you when it comes to your future together should be run away from. And I doubt if that girl is lying about her aborting her pregnancy because of him. So beware!!

  2. Well as for me, i think u shud continue with ur marriage plans and also seek Gods face. Marriage is different from a relationship. The fact that he sticks with u means that he loves u nd no oda woman is more important to him dan u. As far as i am concerned this guy didnt lie to you. If u break d wedding plan aw sure r u u wud not get some1 worse? Besides some men wud not even feel sorry and dey will still lie. For me men wud always be men. Dont stress ursef bcos u know nothing can eva happen between em. Love and respect him and trust his words dat wat u nid to move on. I laugh wen people feel there are better people out dere for em but truthfully dere might not be. Dont end ur marriage plans because of the fear of the unknown.


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