Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So Mad At My Self Cus Of My Foolishness

I am a lady of 34 years, i met my hubby or should i say the father of my son around 2011, he told me then that he has done a legal marriage with some1 in d uk but was just for his papers so i tot no big deal as i tot he was straight forward. So we did traditional wedding which was well attended by both families.

I never enjoy my marriage for 1 day as he drinks, keep late, treat me without respect. The highest was the day he beat me while i was 7 month pregnant, he beat me & throw me out of the house at 12am, Dow he apologise later and then further with his visa application, he was later given a visa with the help of the other lady. he went and impregnate her. was later that i got to know and now he always keeps me and my son as a secrete for the other lady.  He didn't tell her he has another family here so me and my son are always hidden.  he said if the lady knows she might withdraw his visa application.... I know have been a fool to have accepted all dis.

Well the lady now knows about my son and she already has a baby girl too my son is just a month ahead of her.  The father of my son love my son oooo And he pays our bills on time and tell me most of his moves.  But the problem is anytime he comes home, he is a total change person as he doesn't give me & my son any attention.  He talks to me any how.
We just move to lagos cos i think i might get a good job or start a biz, he foot all the bills.  I would have let go of this relationship but am so jobless.  I am not happy at all cos ever since he came back we have not had any access to him ,  ever since he came back , if he is not attending a party with his friend,...

... he will be on the site for days in Ibadan and if i complain he shout at me & tell me he is not stopping me to go & re-marry that i can go & do my worse. I am so broken.  I am a strong believer of God and have never cheated on him for once.
When he was in Nigeria i was the one footing our bill, and never complain.

....because he was jobless then.  I AM SO TIRED.  I have prayed a lot *tear*
He complain to me a lot about the other lady as they now live as family in the UK.
Am so confused and tired, I would have walk away if i have a source of income.

Please no insult.

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