Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sudden Change

My fianceƩ and I had already gone to ikoyi federal court to pick a date for our wedding which is next month (June) but for some reasons like his mom and dad just changed all of a sudden saying they are not in support of the marriage that I am too exposed for their s. on,

my man loves me so much and wants to get married to me at all cost but the fact that his parents are not in support is making me really scared ,his dad won't even follow him to meet my people to perform the bridal rites of which I can't get married if my bride price is not paid...

so now I don't think I still want to get married to him cos of parents sudden change, my question now is that hope it won't affect me when I eventually wanna do the wedding with the right person as in can I still go and pick another date with a different man entirely in future since the judge has not joined I and my previous man together....

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