Monday, June 6, 2016

He is addicted to his family

I have been dating this guy for 7yrs and we've been living together for 4yrs before the family came to the house. Cos the house was the senior brother's, so it's like a family house. He suddenly changed, he doesn't listen to me. They tell him whatsoever they tell him. He will come and lay it with a quarrel on me. He even told me that after his mum, it's his wife.

That he can never leave his family. The guy is a good person but the problem I have with him is his family. He's addicted to his family and he's not the first son but what the first son supposed to do he's the one doing it and the first son has more money than him. He's in London with the wife but finally we have moved out of the house.

It's just both of us that's living together now. He argues & talks too much. He doesn't respect me, he doesn't like it when I advice him & he doesn't tell me anything he's doing instead he will tell the family or his friends. I get to hear it from them. Anytime I ask him for money he doesn't give me but if his family ask him he will give them & the family are "using him"...

...cos any time they see him, they see money and we're engaged since 2yrs now.
I love this guy and wants to marry him but his character is irritating. Just want him to listen and respect me. His family is the reason why we're not married yet cos he's spending so much on them and he's friends has been telling him to lay low that it's too much cos they have family too.

Sometimes, I think it's not ordinary, he loves me and really want to marry me but his family is he's problem. He's Simply addicted to them. Pls, help me on what to do.


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