Saturday, June 4, 2016

I am tired of living single

I graduated from the university at the age of 24yrs in 2011. I did a 6 years degree of Doctor of Pharmacy. At that time, I just came out of a relationship of close to 2 years with my 6th boyfriend. I started dating when I was in my 300 level. I don't tolerate rubbish and so I don't date for long. Anyway, barely 2 weeks after the break up I was chatting on yahoo...

...messenger as I usually do when I met dis guy now my husband. I was very hard on him because of all I have passed through in my passed relationships. To cut the whole story short. I got pregnant and didn't even know as I was self medicating for malaria until I did a blood pregnancy test that showed positive. We immediately got married. Things were and...

...are so hard. Since I got married I have been the breadwinner of the house as my husband is an engineering contractor. I gave birth and within 10days my husband traveled to a West African country. Now this is going to the 5th month after he left and no single money from him and he hardly calls. I am considering divorce as we will be 1 year since we got...

...married in June. I'm tired of leaving single but married taking care of everything with no support emotionally, physically or financially. Please kindly advise because I am running insane.
The End.

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