Monday, June 6, 2016

Marrying a man with a pregnant side chick

Abeg my friend needs your help Asap. She just called me this morning, saying her fiance got another girl pregnant. That he said it was a mistake and she needed my advise because she is thinking of leaving him but they had done introduction and her mom begged her to just forgive and marry the guy so she won't be put to shame in the village.

I then asked her if she loves him and believes it's a mistake, she said Yes. Told her to pray about it and try to forgive him because she said the fiance said she should still marry him and take care of the other girls baby. I told her that's not possible because the other girl is not yet dead and would never agree to such and even though she agrees to such,...

...she will still find a way to come between my friend and the fiancé.
I need your advise because she has said she Will call me back later to know what I think. I think she is in a serious dilemma because she has never called for something like this.

She had to even travel far away from everybody to clear her head and still hasn't come to a decision .

Please help, don't want to give a wrong advise . God bless you.


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