Saturday, June 4, 2016

Should I still continue the Relationship

I am a guy who is 9 years older than his girlfriend. We started talking while she was 15 after she had broken up with her then boyfriend who happens to be my younger brother(family friend).
We started talking and got so used to each other. We are church members though and I know every of her family members, in short very closed to the parents.
Few months to her 18 birthday, I disvirgined her because  I was prepared to go on with it, and after that we really started dating. I went public with it so she can feel comfortable about us.

Few months into the relationship some issues started, her boss reported us to her family which I take the blame for We scaled through that, we went on with the relationship. Late in the year, she went to school outside Nigeria but close enough for me to go see her. We talk regularly, most times fight over one issue of the other but mostly me trying to correct her over things she does or cloth she wears.

I admit it, I don't trust her judgement because the way she sees her things her quite different from mine but I just kept talking because if we should think of raising a family together, we should be on the same page. We argue most times, most especially since the turn of the year, we argue over everything. When I try correcting her, she turns it on the head and picks an issue out of it. Sometimes it gets to verbal she calls me different abusive name or words, but I just couldn't end things with her because  for the first time in my 20+ years of dating, I chose someone to fall in love with any ways, since last month I noticed changes in her. she asked for space like 3 times in one day on different occasions. Like we should stop chatting and reduce it to morning and night, which I opted out of. But two days to the end of the past month, she told me she was going out with her room mate while using her outfit as dp. I was against the outfit cos I felt it short but she won the argument when she said she was going out with her room mate.

Not knowing to me she went out to meet a guy she has never seen but knew via chatting. She didn't go home that night and I was really disturbed in my spirit. The next day still, her numbers wasn,t going n she wasn't back home. Her flat mates and room mate were worried, so I left for her school. She returned home before I got out of the country but still went The funny part was, while I was talking and crying really, she showed no remorse at all, she even went on to say " should I cry". She said she lost her phone to bag snatchers. Now, I can't chat with her only to call her which is quite expensive. But even at that I still do.
Now am confused, do I break the relationship or just continue it blindly bcos I really don't know what's going on there Am in a blind relationship, I stopped womanising for her.

So advice what should I do...

Can you please include it that as at last night , she asked for space.....

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