Monday, June 20, 2016


It was really hot that afternoon with the scorching heat of the sun that could make one loose all calmness....he was sweating as he was rushing off to check on his car at the mechanic because he needed it urgently. He just made a turn around the corner when he saw her, nothing short of stunned, he was unconsciously smiling as his sight fell upon what was the most beautiful lady he had laid eyes upon since morning if not in a long while.  Dark skinned, attractive and charming despite a straight face, he was struck! Not knowing how his legs have carried him towards her direction, he bumped into her and sent all the files she carried flying about. As he bent to pick the files, he met her gaze directly when she bent down as well - he noticed she had hazel eyes, a straight cute nose, full lips and a smile which he thought was sweet but must have meant "silly guy".
Mercy had just went to stamp some files at the secretariat and was heading back to the office where she worked as a PA to the Director. As he helped her arrange all the files and neatly returned them to her, Bayo was short of words and could only muster "I'm so sorry", she flashed him a smile and she went on her way - the smile must have penetrated his body as he stood rooted to the spot like all his body joints weren't functioning any more...that was it, isn't it? How could a smile make him feel such rush of blood and attraction and likeness? This couldn't be happening he said to himself, its not real....definitely not real.

Bayo got to the mechanic's workshop with a radiant smile, one which he himself couldn't explain. Baba! Hey, where is baba mecho he asked one of the apprentices around, before the boy gave an answer, baba mecho had just stood up from under the shade he was resting. Mr Bayo, we don finish ur car since na, we don even test am sef, the heat level dey normal now. Okay baba, so how much should I bring? Ahh alakowe, see as u kit up.....our money na 25,000. Baba kilode? Shey na all dis tie and shirt dey deceive u nii? abeg ah nor get pass 7k for here, help me collect am abeg baba. ah go still dey direct more customer give u na. Abeg....thank you he said to the mechanic as he handed him his payment.

As Mercy got to work, she met lizzy at her post....Elizabeth was the secretary of Akin-Bams Construction Company. Mercy was going to tell lizzy about the guy who had bumped into her when lizzy cut in and told her the Oga was looking for her already. Him say make u come him office once u carry d files dem come. e be like say him wan commot early. ok ok, I have gist for u, let me quickly go see him. As she stepped into Bamidele's office nd dropped the files on his desk, with out looking up he said Mercy, it seems like there is one Mr Bayo from Firmtech company scheduled for a meeting by 4pm today. Place a call to him informing him that the meeting has been postponed and will is set for Monday 2pm. Okay sir she said and as she was leaving, he said, Mercy come back here....what took you so long? As she was bout to answer he interjected say you know I don't like excuses. You can go.

Bayo was about to drive out of the mechanic's workshop when his phone.....
Hello, good afternoon! Bayo on the line, who am I speaking with? This is Mercy from Akin-Bams Construction Company. I'm calling in regards to the meeting that was scheduled for 4pm later on today. Want to inform you that its been postponed till Monday at 2pm.
Alright, thanks much.

When they bumped into each other, they didn't exchange mobile numbers nor their names. How was any of them supposed to know who was who??

Look out for Next Episode....

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  1. This is not fair!! You cant this kinda gist in episodes #StraighFace


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