Sunday, July 3, 2016

He isn't My Speck

I am 27yrs old,I will just go straight to the point. A guy of 37 asked me to marry him with all seriousness from him and his family who liked me so much DAT they wants things to work out between us.the guy is a good guy but the problem is I don't love him cos he isn't my speck, I am afraid to marry him cos I don't get along with him,he doesn't know how to...

.. dress,he isn't romantic with d way he talks,for three months now we hvnt hug nor kiss,intact there are alots of things I don't like about him,but my people liked him. I really wanna get married cos am tired of being single but those I HV been in love with aren't always serious with me. Please what should I do?
The End.


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