Sunday, July 3, 2016

He said our relationship is complicated

Guys I need your advice, because am tired and confused at the same time. Am 24yrs being dating this amazing guy for 5yrs now and the relationship has be OK even talking about settling down. Late last year he relocated to abuja and since then things has changed. He got a new job and all the things he does like calling, texting etc stopped.

I  complained because the whole thing was annoying,  We had issues ‎and for 1 month to 2 months we didn't talk, his best friend called for a meeting and we saw after. After the meeting I kept asking him what's in between us and if he still loves me like he use too, I got the shocker of my life when he said it was complicated and I made it so. Have tried by all...

..means to know his reasons for that statement  but nothing his coming out of it. I spoke to his friends few days ago his friend made a suggestion that we should play a foolish game and watch what will happen. His friend suggested that I send him a messages which I did but he didn't reply, his friend said I should relax since I have played my own part...

...His friend told me that he doesn't hv anyone in his life because he doesn't even have time for his self. My problem now is I don't even know what's in his mind, should I just be patient or just move on with my life am very very confuse and hurt. I really love him sincerely and his mom has been so wonderful to me. pls what should I do?


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