Thursday, July 28, 2016

My boyfriend told me to stop make up and start plating ordinary weavon

I'm in a relationship of 6 years and 3months now. I've met his parents and he's met mine. I'm a graduate. I would grade my relationship average because I'm a very romantic and emotional lady but my man is just there,

 if I tell him to try to be romantic he will tell me that's him and that I should take him that way.
He nags a lot which leads to me crying every...

time we have misunderstandings and he doesn't beg me to stop crying, instead he will continue nagging and either sleep off or keep doing what he's been doing and shouts at me to stop crying. I know I have my flaws too. But I was determined to make the relationship work. I love him so much, I'm so much used to him. I've never had any other relationship...

...during this past six years, not even male friends cos I like being faithful. The issue now is that he is an Apostolic faith church member, they don't use jeweleries , attachment etc. We've been discussing this issue and bcos of him I stopped wearing trousers, I stopped using long weavon. He told me to stop make up yesterday or else I'm going to see...
...hell in my marriage (that was the word in used). I enjoy doing makeup and I've been promising him I will use jst moderate. I'm even into bead making and I enjoy it a lot which is against there doctrine in church. I just told him we should part ways, that maybe we aren't meant for each other because I can't....

...imagine myself doing ordinary weaving, or plating, no earrings in the future. I know ladies will understand better. I hope I'm not making a mistake?
Please I need your advice.
The End

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