Thursday, July 21, 2016


I put the lip gloss down to the dressing table just next to Jennifer's perfume bottle. she had left the perfume bottle there intentionally, said she didn't like to carry it back and forth from
her house to mine, and then i went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. As i was walking down i thought about the milk in the tin that was already going bad and taste funny since her visit and everything in the kitchen had started to taste funny, the bread, peanut, butter and the milk as well.
Hahahahahahaha 'i didn't even check the expiration dates' Jennifer would say, and she would laugh and check the expiration date for each food for me, one by one. She was always concerned at things like that. other than that she was usually quite. She never complained even if there was something bothering her. She kept things to herself. Things like if i didnt return her calls or if i forgot her birthday.
On my way to work i had along thought on her. I had shut all the thoughts of her when i started the car engine and pulled the car out of the parking slut but at the play of a sad song on the radio it came again, her and her apologetic look, here and her pleading eyes. She had suddenly called to meet a few days ago, she was at her house. She didn't call to tell me that she was visiting before that i was pleased, like a little boy when i knew she was back. But there was something about her voice, dry and lifeless...

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