Monday, July 11, 2016


I was getting ready for work that morning when i accidentally stepped on something like a stick i picked it up and it was a strawberry flavoured lip gloss it was Jennifer's she had complained that she lost it weeks ago and had gone through her handbag and makeup bag a few times to search for it. She didn't even look at the floor,And here it was on the floor just near the bedpost when i stepped on it. I smiled to myself briefly at the thought of her saying "oh there it is and you stepped on it Tony". At the thought of her and how it had made me feel these few days, i bit my lip. For a few moment i stood silent looking down to the lip gloss. 
Jennifer had left the apartment to put up with her friend in the south
 And she had been here last to say goodbye. I knew i would miss her, but she told me she would come and visit every two weeks. She left her house key to me, told me to not forget to help her feed her dog. I did as she asked me to everyday since the day she left. It had been three weeks to be exact and the only visit she gave was a few days ago, a visit with a news...

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