Saturday, July 9, 2016


Mercy, let me see you in my office right away! Bamidele just resumed work since the death and burial of his youngest sister, Shade 9 days ago. Good morning sire. How are you doing sire? Once again, I and the entire staff sympathise with you over the loss of your sister. Thank you Mercy. Please sit down. Mercy, I see that its been almost a month since I proposed to you, you haven't given me an answer yet and now I observed you've been spending time with that guy from Firmtech, what are you not telling me? What's between the both of you? Hmm actually sire, I and Bayo are seeing each other. What?! Are you drunk? What do you mean by that? I'm sorry sir, its just that I have strong feelings for him and......shhh shut up. Please get out of my office.

Hello, Good afternoon pastor. Good afternoon Mrs Bimbo. How are you and your daughter?.....thank God! I'm sorry about yesterday when you said you wanted to see me, I had a very busy schedule yesterday. I hope its not late yet? Oh no pastor, its not. Its about the dream I told you I had some weeks back. Oh okay, what about it Mrs Bimbo? The dreams are coming more and more these days pastor. I have a feeling that something is about to uncover, good or bad, I don't know yet. It is well Mrs Bimbo, this is the time when you are more stronger in prayers. That whatever it is, God should turn it in your favour. All will be okay.

Hey Bayo! What is the problem with you? What are you doing with Mercy? Bayo, who was with Nonso and Seun at the bar turned around to see Bamidele. I'm sorry, what do you.........without letting him finish his statement, Bamidele dealt a punch on Bayo's face. Man, what's your problem? How can you just barge in here and act like a tout? Seun had barely finished talking when Nonso had come down hard on Bamidele with 3 or 4 punches. You dey mad? Na woman matter carry u com were we dey flex con dey do like idiot? God go punish you, you generation. Bayo, you will regret this was all Bamidele said before he left with a fractured jaw. Bayo just couldn't utter a single word to the whole fracas......Nonso who had taken up the matter like as if it were his issue turned to Bayo and said, my guy, you must hold that girl down, naim u go marry. Make we go prostrate tomorrow sef make we carry wife. See this animal sha, ewu!

Have you lost your manners? Can't you knock? Sire, why would you go and attack Bayo at the bar for no reason? Is it a must I date you? Besides, you are not even the kind of man I'd want. I can't harness any bit of feeling for you at all, Mercy was shouting. Bamidele stood up, walked towards her and stopped just inches away from her. Rather than feel intimidated, Mercy just took a step back and said, you disgust me! That was when Bamidele grabbed her by the throat, choking her, then his eyes fell upon her breast, that was when he grabbed them and tore off her shirt. No he isn't trying to beat me up, he wants to rape me. Mercy fought back and raised her voice shouting but Bamidele had his hand over her mouth and trying to get rid of her panties. That was when lizzy approached oga's office with files in hand and door open after Mercy left it so. That was when Mercy struggled out of his grip, fell over and hit her head against the arm rest of the chair.......

Lizzy had gone to report to the police and they had arrested Bamidele from the hospital he brought Mercy to. Both their statements had been taking when Otunba Akin entered the station.
Where is that bastard of a son? Bamidele! Look at you! A complete and total disgrace. How can you do something so repugnant and lugubrious? Your own staff? What sort of lust is that? In short, I have no conversation to hold with you. DPO, please which hospital is the young lady being taken care of at the moment? After the address was written out for Otunba Akin, he thanked the DPO and was on his way.

Good afternoon ma. Mummy no cry, e ma sukun. Your daughter will be alright, Nonso said. He and Bayo along with Seun had rushed to the hospital upon hearing what happened. How's she lizzy, Bayo asked. She's yet to wake up. Doc said she hit her head hard against a hard surface. Oh my God. This guy is really an animal!

Doctor, how are you? Oh good afternoon sir. I'm fine, how may I help you? Thank you, I'm here to see one Miss Mercy Bimbo. And who are you to her sir? I am the father to the foolish boy that did this to her. I want to see her and take care of the necessary bills doctor. Errrr alright, that's not a problem. Actually, her mom and boyfriend are around as well, u'd do well to see them. Oh that's even better!
As they got to the room where Mercy was being treated, Otunba saw a woman crying. Good afternoon madame, I'm the father of Bamidele, her boss that abused her as such, please I want you to accept my deepest and sincere apology. Hmmmm, what can I do except leave everything to God, Mrs Bimbo said as she turned to look up at the man she was replying.......I just want my was when she stopped and stood up......Otunba was more shocked like he had encountered a ghost. All he could utter was.....Bimbo?!!!!! And as if all air had been sucked out of her, she managed to say Akin!!!!!
Do you know her? Otunba's wife had gotten to the hospital and was behind him......

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