Saturday, July 9, 2016


Good morning sire. Morning. So what explanation do you have for yesterday? Sir? Errm, nothing sir. Why was Bayo there? He's just a friend. Just a friend? So what am I to you? Sir, you are my boss. Just your boss? Errm, you've been a nice friend lately sir. So, you are telling me that you gave no thoughts to my proposal? Errrrm........that aside. When your mum asked me if she knew me and then followed it up with some questions about my dad, what was it all about? Did you plan to make me look stupid or what? How can someone be so arrogant and almost stupid, Mercy thought to herself. No one even knew this fowl was coming self. She was about to say something when his phone can go now, he waved Mercy away.
Back in her office, Mercy was again wondering why her mom had been uneasy since she met Bamidele and why she so bent on seeing his father and also what the story her mom said she'll tell her was.

So what did the doctor say, Bamidele asked turning to his mom and sister? they said she has a very high amount of narcotics in her system and they'll have to flush it all out before she can regain consciousness. So what are they waiting for? They are starting now, Tope replied. Good! Where is the useless bastard she ran away with? Ahh, he too is in the operation room, unconscious as well. My God! Junkie bastard! This idiot has ruined my sister's life Bamidele yelled.....

After 2years? You think you can just come into my office and start pleading for me to take you back, its not done! Bayo was almost shouting at Jane. Jane had abandoned Bayo and their 3years affair when she met the son of one Senator Richards. She was obviously about the wealth. What had happened? What had went wrong? Why coming back now? I did love her for real! Would have openly and gladly taken her back but I can't Bayo thought to himself. He was already lost in love with Mercy, even tho he wasn't sure how he felt bout him. Please Bayo....Jane broke his thoughts. I don't expect you to love me immediately, just give me a second chance please, that's all I beg of you.......**Bayo's phone rang**
Hello! Hello good afternoon sir. Mercy, good afternoon to you too. How are you? I'm fine sir. And you? Oh I'm okay. And thanks for honouring my invite yesterday, even tho things turned out to be dramatic in a nut shell. I'm actually calling to apologise for the whole cinema thing yesterday. I didn't know my boss would show up. Oh of course, I thought so too coz u didn't know we'll end up at your place. Forget it, its alright. Smiling now, Bayo asked, So is that the only reason you are calling? Errrm, no actually. Wanna know how you are doing as well. Hope you are okay? Thought you wouldn't ask, I'm fine fine, thanks.  So.......can I come give you a lift home? Please, don't let me inconvenient you. Shoo, nor be me ask? I'll take you reply as a Yes then. What time? 05:30. Okay then, 5;30 its. Takia, bye.
**Jane stood up and left angrily**

So how was your day today? Tell me in detail. Hahaaha, hope I won't bore you to sleep before we get your house? No jhur tell me. Uhhhh okay, today was quiet and business as usual but for one unexpected visitor. Hmm, unexpected! You want to talk about it? Mercy asked hoping Bayo would actually talk bout it. Its something I can do away with. Its my ex. Whao! So are you guys back together? Mercy tho, you funny, after 2years? Just like that? Haba no na. When I nor be mumu. Hehe, so what's up with you two now? What's happened? Well, that was when you called and she left angrily I suppose without a single word, that says it all. Haba, Mr Bayo, you shouldn't have picked my call now, it would hurt her sha. Ehn, me had fun when she left nii? Abeg, let her be. You are the one who is here now. Mercy turned to look at him, what do you mean by that.....?????

It was a saturday evening. Two weeks had passed since Bayo's ex visited him briefly and left. One week since after Bayo had officially went on one knee in front of Mrs Bimbo to beg her daughter, Mercy to be his woman. It was 07:25pm and the day was getting dark seemingly faster than usual with its fading lights licking the ocean, the tide of the sea had decreased nd the waves rising a bit lower than it was just a couple of minutes ago. I had given up on love, how did I end up waiting here for HER" was all that came to his mind as he recounted just how he met her that sunny afternoon. As his mind went through how he met her, his side eyes caught a distant figure - turning to look he saw one of the best female figure he had ever seen coming towards him...walking so gently nd graciously, her flower tapered gown plus the moonlight was illuminating her perfect body shape as she got closer to him - the ferocious wind blowing her hair across her face, she had a bogous smile on! She stopped right in front of him, as if caught unaware, he held her hands a lil bit tight, looked into her beautiful and dreamy eyes, held her in his gaze.....he told her.....I Love You as he planted a passionate kiss on her lips.
Love is worth it after all!

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