Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hello my dear friend!
Hello Otunba Akin himself. How are you this morning?  Oh all thanks to God and you, how's the family? What can I say? God has been faithful to us Chief Deji replied. But Otunba, I must say its unusual you are calling at this hour, is everything alright? Hmmm Deji, I wish I can say it is, but I fear its not.

Why not come by later and discuss this eye to eye? Sensing the importance of this, I'll be there by 2pm, is that okay? Alright then, 2pm it is.

Hello dear. How are you? I'm fine, are you there yet? Yes yes, I only just got here and decided to know if you are ready or will take 3hours to put your make ups on, if its that, I will love to let you know that your beauty is a natural one, you need no make ups.

Awww thanks. Well, I'm set, will meet you there in the next 10-15mins...Mercy hung up. She was so excited about her little outing with Bayo that she had fantasised about him holding her hands and saying "meet my wife, Mercy". Mummy! Mummy oo!!! Yes oko mii? I'm ready ma, want to be on my way now.

 Okay. Hmmmm this one that you are dressed liked this, is it a wedding both of you are attending nii? Mummy na you know that one oo. Okay oo, just don't stay out late. Takkia and have a nice day. O daabo ma.

I just hope she's around. Of course she doesn't have anywhere to go. Will surprise her and take her out.

 She just has to be at home coz I can't be in this traffic for nothing Bamidele thought to himself as he headed towards Mercy's house

Hey hello gorgeous, how you doin, Bayo said as he stood up to greet Mercy. I'm fine thanks. Good afternoon. Ha, you greeted me over the phone already madame, besides the afternoon is more than good with the presence of you.

Stop jhur. Hope I didn't keep you waiting for long? Oh it nothing, even if you did, its worth it. Shall we? Yes sure.
As they drove on, it was towards banana avenue, Mercy's avenue. She wondered, where is he going? I didn't tell him I forgot something at home na. Errrm, aren't we going there again?

I mean the place you said we were going.....? Of course. That's where we headed. Oh it slipped my mind to tell you that where you asked me to wait for you is close to where we are going, I'm sorry. At all, its okay sha, but where is the place? Its 23, banana avenue. What? What's it Mercy? Hello, that's my address, that's where........."that was when she remembered her mom's

story last week sunday".....wait ooo, are you the Bayo that he and his friend helped a woman home? Yes yes, myself and Seun my friend......chill, is she your mom? WOW! Yes she is. My God! She told me but I completely forgot about it. Mehn, dis is funny. Interesting!

So without it being introduction, ah dey go see your mama and you are well dressed for it tooo, funny I must admit. Chaiii, had I known, would have dressed casual in what I wear at home jare. Hehe, are you sure you would dressed casual knowing I'm coming? Yes nau! In truth, Mercy would have wanted to look good for him no matter what.

Ahhahaa, Mercy? Bayo? How? What happened? Sorry, come in both of you. Good afternoon ma. Good afternoon my son. How's are you ma? How is your health? I'm fine ooo thank God. Please have a seat.  Mercy, aren't you going out again, or did he ask for direction and you brought him here nii? Smiling, that's the person I was supposed to go out with mummy, Mercy replied.

Wonderful! God works in mysterious way sha. Mercy is my daughter, my joy, Mrs Bimbo said to Bayo. So how did you two know each other?.............

Tope, what's wrong? Why you here? Why you crying? Is everything alright? No mom, its not. It Michael again. What did he do to you? Did he beat you this much? Haba! Sobbing,

Tope said, he even brought a woman home last night. I had to sleep on the couch over night. This morning when I challenged him on the matter was when he rained punches and kicks on me like this mummy. Mogbe! Pelle oko mi. Sorry, I will talk to your dad, we will resolve the matter amicably. Mum, me I'm not going back there oo, no not me. Don't worry my dear, you can stay here, your dad will call him and talk to him.

Otunba himself! Deji Deji. I'm glad you could make it. Please, sit down. After much greetings and praises, Deji asked, Otunba, you sounded unusual this morning, what's the matter? Hmm, you know the saying "everyday for the thief, one day for the owner", I'm having this feeling that past misdeeds are fast probing and catching up on me.

What do you mean otunba? Explain in details. You remember what happened at Osun state almost 26years ago? That young lady I forced myself on? Oh yes yes Deji blurted out, I do remember, what about it? Good. I hope you haven't forgotten how I eliminated Chief Osagie to gain top hand of his Construction business 21years ago?

Hmmm, Otunba, God will forgive all our sins. But why this morning? Why now? Hmm I dreamt about it all. It was like I was watching a movie. And I woke bearing this very bad feeling as well...........

Knock Knock!! Hold on I'm coming. Shocked, Mercy couldn't believe her eyes. Good afternoon sir.

Well, will you let me in? Bamidele asked in his usual arrogant tone..... Of course sir, come in. Its just that you didn't tell me you were coming. Well, I'm here now, aren't you glad?  Its great. Oh, errrm, Mr Bayo, you are here. Are you friends with her now? Yes actually, we are.

Mercy is a.......Mercy' mom entered the parlour, with Bamidele sharing an uncanny resemblance with his dad in his prime, as she set eyes on him, all she could ask was "do I know you"?

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