Sunday, July 10, 2016


Akin made your life miserable is all you've been saying since we left the hospital and you brought us here, Otunba's wife said. Akin, kilo sele? What's wrong? Why am I in the dark here? Hmm. Akin? Can't you talk? Or you don't have anything to say, Mrs Bimbo said amidst tears. Glory be to God, pastor said. After many years, the truth is going to reveal itself today. No need to make this a long topic. Brethren and sisters, this man, Otunba Akin, is the father of Mrs Bimbo's daughter, Mercy. Ehn? Mogbe! Otunba's wife shouted. Bayo, who was sitting beside Bimbo turned to her and asked, mummy, is what the pastor said the truth? Hmmm, yes. It was in the year 1989. I was in osun state visiting my aunty when I first met Akin. After telling me he was single and ready to settle down, I sheepishly believed him. Then he invited me one day to his friend's place where he was staying at in osun then. Hmm, it was that day he forced himself on me. Took my virginity and got me pregnant eventually. My parents kicked me out and I was forced to survive the hard way. Mogbe ooo Akin! 1989, Bamidele was 5 years old already ke, ahhh, single and ready to settle down, Theresa, Akin's wife said while crying and hooking him by his clothe. Nonso who was listening with rapt attention just raised his voice saying, cheii, evil man! You do bad thing to mama, ur craze pickin too wan con do him own eh? God punish devil ooo. Now your son will suffer for your misdeeds. You've lost a daughter already. Only God knows other atrocities you've committed, Seun said. Mummy, its okay, don't cry anymore, let's just pray for Mercy, Bayo said......

Hmmm, Mr. Benson Williams aka sharp shooter! What an alias, the IPO on the brutal rape and murder case said to Benson. You do know we raided your house and found many other things such as guns and ammunitions. At your age. Why?! Well? You will pay for your crimes. Now to the recorded tape issue. Who is Otunba? And when was the killing carried out? Officer, I will cooperate. I can help you catch the otunba but promise me a reduced sentence. Sure, why? If you help us, we will help you. Okay, it is Otunba Akin Johnson of Akin-Bams Construction Company. He asked me to kill Chief Osagie Odion so that he can take over at the helm of his company because he already had lawyers forge and tamper with document and only Chief Osagie himself being out of the way will ensure he takes the company. It was in 1994 at obalende..........

The decision on what to do after CEO Akin-Bams Construction Company, Otunba Akindele Johnson had been arrested based on the charges of murder and forgery, and acting MD, Bamidele Johnson was arrested for attempted rape and attempted murder was to be reached by board members as they convened at the company hall. It was agreed that there would be an interim MD up until Miss Mercy was fit again to take over as CEO of Akin-Bams Construction Company as it turned out that she was the daughter of the billionaire and it would also serve as compensation to both her and her mother, Bimbo.

Theresa Johnson had died days after her husband had been sentenced to life in prison and her son, Bamidele was given 35years in prison. Tope who had been chased out of her husband's house was left at the mercy of her step sister, Mercy and she was offered a job in the company.

The evil that men do, live with them!

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