Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Main Concept Of Communication In Relationships.It is funny what some people think when they hear that "Communication" is vital in every relationship. I happened to be a one-man audience to a couple's argument some months back, where the lady went on saying that all the guy does is chat with her on social networks and doesn't even call her at all....then she told the guy...."Don't you know that communication is important"One it all couples that call each other frequently that their affair last forever?To me, I'll say its divided in two....conversing and communicating!Let's say you have a dog named maxi. You are heading out and maxi strolls up to you, whimpering and wagging his tail....there, he is trying to tell you something. But then, all you did was just shout...."Maxi, get back" and in return, maxi barks at you till you step outside the gate.....that's "Conversing" understanding. But if when maxi came to you whimpering and wagging his tail cheerfully and you bent down to tickle his body and play a with him a little, he'd have just licked his nose and escorted you to the gate....that's "Communication".....Understanding!Even if couples chat on social sites, talk on phone, or even see each other on daily basis and get to converse well, if there is no proper understanding between them both....its nothing.Couples.....married, engaged or dating, should feel free to open up to one another, tell each other their "Do's and Don'ts", "what they tolerate and what they can't", state all your "positives and negatives". If after all these and you both come to realize that you can't be together, why waste each other's time? Drop the affair and move on.Communication in every relationship is vital but when there is no understanding...its worthless!**just my take on it tho....**

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