Thursday, July 28, 2016

The major up and down is his Ex

I love your platform. I'm a very young girl in my early 20's.  When I love,  I love 101%. Please kindly share my story because I just need advise from your platform. I have been dating this guy for the past 7months and we've really had our ups and Downs. The major up and Down is his "ex". I cannot be happy for 1 full moth completely!  She will sha....

. up ni!  Of recent my bf and I started having issues, 2 months ago. And because of this issues, we didn't have sex.  So he decided to cheat on me with his ex! I found out few days ago.  I almost cried my eyes out. The painful thing here is now that, he had sex with me after having sex with her and she had some sort of inflammation down there.  I...

...started itching,  I told my bf about it and he kept claiming he's clean!  I treated my self and I'm fine. Now, I asked him if he still cares for her,  his simple reply was "not as much as I care for you" . i also foolishly decided to ask if he enjoyed the se x,he said yes! I'm so devastated because i still love him. But i don't  know what to do because I'm very sure...

.. this issue of cheating will still continue! Please I need advise.. A part of me wants to break up,  but a part of me doesn't want to!  Please help a sister.
The End.

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