Monday, July 18, 2016

Why Long Distance Relationships Should Be Avoided.At one point, we all have considered going into a long distance relationship or have even been involved in one. We may have heard that long distance relationships doesn't last or work out but then you are so in love with the person and you are like, "why not? Let me try it"Frankly, I would say, long distance relationships are really tough and are recommended for certain kinds of people. Here, we take a look at five (5) major reasons why you shouldn't go into long distance relationships:-1. Communication Issues.Communication Communication matters a whole lot in every ideal relationship. Even in this digital age with many forms of online communication, its still a lot of work to do. You can snapchat, facetime, skype and text but good relationships need lots of communication and both of you may not be able to skype or facetime for long hours due to busy schedules. Some people are bad with words, hence if you both talk and don't 'communicate', it results in misunderstanding.2. The WaitYes, Waiting and not knowing when you'll ever see the other person, or in the case of which you are already in the relationship and one of you has to move miles away, not knowing when of if you'll see them again can be disastrous in every relationship of such. It can lead to you having doubts in your mind and being impatient.3. Its easier to cheat and keep secretsAh, no no, he/she can never cheat on me, we've come a long way, its what everyone says till it actually happens. You here, you lonely, you need physical support but the other person is miles away. If I cheat and keep it to myself, the other person wouldn't know. That's the same thing going through the other person's mind too. 4. Its useless if you both have no plans for futureAre we going to get married? Can we ever be a couple? You start to pinch yourself and wonder why you are doing the long distance relationship when you can invest that time in someone you can actually commit to...5. No SexThis is one crucial and at the same time, less significant demerit of long distance relationship depending on different peoples beliefs. No sex? No cuddling? No kisses? No physical bonding that connects you both on a deeper level? Scrap that! Anyone who says Sex is not necessary in a relationship is either a nun or a liar or a hypocrite. On the bright side of it, few people actually have successful long distance relationship. All that is needed is time, effort and money. POLL:- So, have you been in a long distance relationship before?

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