Monday, August 29, 2016


As the young man advanced towards me with a knife in his hand, I stared at him fearfully, very unsure if he was actually going to use the weapon on me or not. I really felt like a cornered rat and the last thing on my mind was running away like a scared chicken.
I bravely stood my ground while deep inside I was shaking with fear. Of course I didn’t know the guy. I didn’t know what he was capable of doing, but I couldn’t just run away from a young boy like him. Luckily Cassandra quickly came in between us and pushed the troublesome guy backwards.
‘’whats wrong with you Edwin ?. you just pulled a knife for my friend. Have you gone nuts?.
Do you think we can resolve this with fighting?’’ she barked at the guy who bit his lips as he exchanged glances with Cassandra and i.
Cassandra’s words kind of had a good effect on him because he instantly pocketed the knife and tried to close in on me again while Cassandra pushed him backwards.
‘’seriously you are going nuts. How dare you show up here just to embarrass me?’’ she barked at the guy who really was behaving as if he was under the influence of drugs.
‘’so he is the guy right? ‘’ the silly boy asked, roughly pushing Cassandra sideways as he closed in on me one more time with great strength. I really wasn’t expecting such move and so was caught unawares.
Closing in on me, he grabbed my shirt by the collar.
‘’you took my girl from me because you have money right?. You will pay for this. You got to pay. I easily found you guys and that’s the same way I will easily deal with you’’ he threatened as saliva flew from his mouth and designed my face, getting me very angry.
Without warning, I hit his crouch with my right knee, sending a great wave of pain across his body. As he tried to regain his composure I gave him three supper punches on the face , sending him backwards while Cassandra screamed and held me as concerned neighbors ran towards us.
‘’this isn’t over. I see you can fight old man. I’m coming back for a reminder....

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