Friday, August 12, 2016

Dear Ladies,
On behalf of the Boyfriends and Husband Association of Nigeria(BAHAN), I want to appeal to all of you.
Please, its been four months you took over the TV remote control and engaged yourselves with African magic, Zee world, Telemundo, and soap operas of all kinds. Your partners have had to cram some names of the actors, and excruciatingly watch some episodes with you as well.
These same men have also tagged along with you on shopping errands, and watch you run from shop to shop, while they sit in the car like small school boys, awaiting their mother's return.
Again, remember they recently escorted you to the salon to have a new hairdo. They didn't just foot the bills, but also had to wait for you to get done; despite the various gibberish and idle talks from other women present. When it seemed the hairstyle you picked was taking forever to get finished, and the also couldn't stand the gossips going on, they stepped out into a car wash with bar facilities, where they chilled over a bottle or nothing.
Now, the soccer season is about to begin. And I know you ladies are not just considerate but are also good people from a great nation. You are Christians who have a reputation of being nice. So, I believe you will all practice the golden rule of doing to others what you want them to do to you.
I look forward to you beautiful women, handing over the remote control for the decoder and TV to your partners to enjoy the upcoming soccer season which begins in the 13th of august 2016. Please don't add this to the long list of male chauvinistic acts. Thanks and God bless as you comply.
Yours sincerely,
Ogbuja Kalu Kingsley
Secretary General, BAHAN.
P.S: This letter is signed by the Minister for Men affairs:
Chief Odinaka LiverpoolBoy Onwudor , Olushola Adefolarin Tomiwa BLS, MLS, PhD,JP, KSM, XYZ, ETC.

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