Tuesday, August 9, 2016


1. Asking a guy you just met for airtime, This is very
annoying..It makes you look so cheap.. A guy met you
in the afternoon, gave
you a call in the evening and you are already asking
him to send you an airtime... Trust me, that guy can
never respect you.. He might eventually
send you the airtime but the only thing on his mind
would be to sleep with you once or twice and get rid
of you.

2. Going through Facebook suggested friends and
sending them friend request for friendship is not a
bad thing but asking them on a date, sending them
your phone numbers and contact address. My dear
with all sincerity, you will never be respected or
regarded by that man. You will only be seen as one of
those "Hungry Facebook Love Hunters."
3. Judging a guy by his looks , I believe guys should
be the ones that should be hell bent on beauty and
physical appearance. Don't fall for a guy chiefly
because he looks good physically.. You need to
access his acumen, sense of judgment, level-
headedness, dreams etc... What makes
a good guy is by far more than just looks.
4. Manipulating a guy to over spend for you on a
date, Because he looks rich and came to the eatery in
a car makes you feel you can drain his pocket... This
instantaneously tells the guy that you are a hungry
and from a very poor background. Can't you just
order for just one ice cream or a soft drink and be
fine with this cool dude? Even if you do not like him,
do not do this. Trust me, the guy will never call you
again and if
he does he only wants to get laid just once. The worst
is taking your friend along so that you can both finish
5. Forcing yourself on a guy that doesn’t give a damn
about you,
If a guy likes you, he will show it. Don't you ever force
yourself on a
guy. You can indicate some green lights but don’t
force yourself on
him. If you do he will treat you like shit. Don't try it...
There are a million subtle ways to make him see that
you like him than forcing yourself on him and asking
him out rightly...
6. Keeping too many boyfriends,
Can't you just be cool with one guy you love? 10
boyfriends equals to 10
Joysticks... Gosh !! how many joysticks are you
playing with?

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