Monday, August 1, 2016

I am very Heart Broken

I love your platform. I'm a very young girl in my early 20's.  When I love,  I love 101%. Please kindly share my story because I just need advise from your platform. I have been dating this guy for the past 7months and we've really had our ups and Downs. The major up and Down is his "ex". I cannot be happy for 1 full moth completely!  She will sha....

..denied of which it's obvious in his pictures but since he denied it. I let i‎t slide. Sometime last month, a kid brother to his friend sent me a photo of my bf smoking like an expert, ooh Lord I was shattered and started raining abuses, he apologized and it was done with.Last week, some girl commented on a photo of him on facebook "my husband, nice..."‎, I asked him who she was and why the comment, he said fb is a normal place, anyone can say what they like. Out of anger I asked him to take down the comment or face her and keep me out, he tried to make peace but I was bent on him taking down the comment. He didn't. And stopped talking to me. Yesterday I got life shocker, there was...

...nothing this guy didn't tell me, I want to control him, I can't control him, it's over, we are not compatible he drinks, smokes, womanizes,since that is what I want to hear, this all came to me as a shock, it's over. Has he told me he wants to marry me? He hasn't had sex with me and he can't breathe, what happens if he does. I kept begging, I begged...

...for over 3 hours, called, he said he needs space, I should free him. I was just surprised. Please I need advice. What do I do.


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