Saturday, August 6, 2016


He woke up in the morning and found her
praying. He heard her praying for him.He
stared at her. It has been a long time since he
has seen her praying. For the past few months,
they have been arguing. Last night, they had a
nasty fight.He went to the kitchen in a hurry to
prepare himself breakfast. These past days,
she hasn't been cooking for him. Shock on him.

He found breakfast already set at the table. He
ate. He went back to the bedroom, to prepare
for a shower. She left the shower. "Good
morning. Have a blessed day" she said as she
entered the bedroom and he left for the
bathroom. After his shower, all dressed up for
work; he found his wife at the kitchen, eating
breakfast in peace. She was looking at some
funny videos on her phone and giggling.He
looked at her then walked out the door. The
last look he had of her before he left was of
her at peace.That last look disturbed him. This
is not how she should be. This is not how she
has been. He has been hurting her, she has
recently found out that he has been flirting
with other women, he has cheated once and
used money meant for their family on other
women. She should be angry.Her peaceful
demeanor disturbed him.Evening came. He went
home and met his peaceful wife again. She was
cooking and laughing with their children. She
had come from work two hours ago.The dinner
was enjoyable. Good food, she having warm
conversations with the children. He as the
father felt left out. His wife and children
seemed to be having fun despite him hurting
them. After dinner, as she washed the dishes
and the children had gone to bed. He
approached her. "Are you OK?" he asked her.
"I am more than OK. I am blessed "She
answered. "Are you not mad at me? After all
that I am doing and have done wrong?" he
asked. She placed the washed plate in the rack
then looked at him and said, "I asked myself,
what is the most important relationship in my
life? The one I have with you or the one with
God? And I realized it is the one with God. I live
for God, not for you. Marrying you was a
blessing but it is not all there is in life. God has
blessed me with life and I will not waste it
crying because of the hurt you cause me to
feel "She picked up a dirty glass and began
washing it. "I realized I had given you too much
power... Yes, you are my husband, the closest
human being in my life and the human being I
love the most; but you are not God. You have
failed me but God never fails me. I will not let
you ruin my joy, my peace and my progress.
You break our marriage if you want to, but I
will hold on to God. And as I hold on to God, I
will be full of joy despite what you do "She said
rinsing the glass. She looked at him and
continued, "When you hurt me and disrespected
me, I realized I was acting out like a woman
who has no God. I got mad and hurled insults,
I wanted to revenge and I allowed you to mess
me day after day. My performance at work
went down, I talked less to our children, I
became bitter to the children, I felt sorry for
myself, I developed ulcers. And then I realized,
I have God, I shouldn't act like someone with no
relationship with God. Why should I be hopeless
yet God is with me? I had focused so much on
you that I forgot about God. When you found
me, I had God. We dated and got married and I
let everything be about you because I wanted
to make our marriage work. Our marriage
became the idol I worship instead of the
blessing I have in God. Our marriage is failing
apart because of you but my relationship with
God is still intact "She scrubbed the
pot. "You have chosen to abandon our
marriage but that doesn't mean my whole world
has collapsed. I will still continue being a good
mother to our children. They will never say the
problems between mom and dad, made mom a
monster. You do as you please with other
women, I will raise our children. "She looked at
him and told him, "Do I hate you? No, it will be a
lie to say I hate you. You are the man I
married, the one I vowed to, the one I
love "Tears fell down her cheeks. She wiped
them. "I can't just cancel all the years we have
been together. The Quran as well as the Bible asks us to love our
enemies. If I am able to love my enemies,
surely I can still love you despite all you have
done. I am angry and disappointed, but I have
taken my power back. I live for God who has
exceedingly blessed me, not for you and the
pain you cause "She wiped her wet hands, took
the apron from her body and told him, "In my
peace, I am planning on where the children and
I will move to. Since you have chosen to have
an affair, you have shown clearly that you
don't need us. So we will not make your life
uncomfortable by forcing you to live with us.
You need to be able to bring the woman you are
cheating with to your own house. I am working
on something. I came into this house in peace
and I will leave in peace. You will not kill my
smile and shine "She walked to the
bedroom. Minutes later. He followed her to the
bedroom. He found her peacefully asleep.He
nudged her. He woke her up and said,
"Please don't go, don't move out. I will hurt you
more, I will cheat no more. I am not OK. I want
the peace you have. I want to be the kind of
husband you are as a wife. "Since that day, he
has been a reformed man. No more affairs, no
hurting her, no flirting with other women, or
endless fights. She didn't move out. She and
the children stayed. He submitted to God and
learned how to be a good husband, Love is
powerful enough to humble the most proud ....... I don't know what you are experiencing this morning but my prayer is ,may you enjoy over whatever you are going through and behold ,God is going to rain everlasting peace and freedom upon your life in Jesus name..


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