Monday, August 8, 2016

‎Weekly Activities Time Table.

Monday: 1. Devotional morning. 2. Greetings. 3. Education sessions. 4. Advise and words of wisdom.

Tuesday: 1. Adverts and some other posts. 2. Hotseat. 3. Tips of our stories.

Wednesday: Romantic wednesday. 2. Ladies Nightout. 3........una can think of anything.

Thursday: 1. Throw back thursday,‎ 2. Confessions day. 3. Posting of our stories.

Fridays: 1. Public hookups,‎ 2. Fast Fingers. 3. Part of our stories. 4. Love Fist.

Saturdays: 1. Games,‎ 2. Shoutout to our love ones by sending the pics and brief quotes. 3. Our stories.......

Sundays: 1. Call a friend/someone. 2. Private Hk ups. 3. Romantic Story.

From: Engr. Iwanefun's Computer.

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