Thursday, September 22, 2016


1. COMMUNICATION – Communication is one of the most essential aspects of a successful relationship. To your partner, you must communicate your goals, the process of your career, and your feelings about your workload, and everything that is going on in your professional life. People do not know what you do not tell them! Do not assume that having a good relationship equates to automatically knowing what the other person is going through at all times. You have to openly express your happiness, concerns, stress, and changes that you think need to be made. Sometimes people avoid communicating their feelings out of fear, but talking about everything with your partner is worth it.

2. HAVING THE RIGHT PARTNER – Being a female entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility, inside and outside of the business. There are a lot of expectations that everyone in your life expects you to maintain. You must be with someone who supports you and your career choices, 100%. They do not have to fall in love with your career choice but they must respect you enough to understand the necessary sacrifices you will be making throughout your journey. If there is any doubt in their mind about what you want to do this could cause tension in the relationship.

3. BALANCE – Balancing compromises and relationship duties must be done. Especially if you live together, have children, or are married. This means balancing cooking, picking up the kids from school, house hold chores, days to spend the night at whose apartment, etc. If the relationship is one-sided in, the individual making all of the compromises will eventually become resentful. No one person should be the one to make all of the sacrifices, compromises most be made efficiently and effectively. So work smarter not harder and most importantly, always work together.

4. TAKE THE NECESSARY TIME FOR YOUR PARTNER – Ladies, we are very busy with being the wonderful hard-working women we are, but we must take time for our partner. This actually means that you might have to write it in your schedule (don’t tell him that) but make the time. You can have specific date nights every week, clear his schedule and take a mini vacation, or when you are super tired from your day commit to at least staying up with him just to talk. Both parties of the relationship will have to make a genuine effort to continue to show their partner that they still care while still dealing with their hectic schedules.

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