Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Nollywood actor Kalu Egbui Ikeagwu has been kidnapped by gunmen at his Lagos house as he came out of his car and attempted to unlock his gate..
Encomium Magazine reports that the top Nollywood actor and writer, who got married barely two months ago, was kidnapped on Monday afternoon (September 26, 2016), around 3:40..
Witnesses who spoke to said the men were about five in number.
Another eye-witness said:

“I can’t still believe my eyes. What we noticed was a jeep parked at the front of his house with four men inside the jeep. He wasn’t at home before the jeep was parked, so we didn’t suspect anything.”
One of the men in the jeep was parading the front of his building back a bag.
At first, I thought they were waiting for someone not until Kalu drove in and parked in the front of his house to open the gate when those in the jeep attacked him. All I could hear from where I was standing was, ‘Get in the jeep before I hit you. He tried to run but he was held and bundled in the jeep. Before I knew what was happening, they were gone.
They took him away in the jeep leaving behind his own car”

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