Friday, September 30, 2016

The Story of A single Mother ....Very Touchy

Before I begin my own tori, I want go give a big SHOUT OUT AND GBOSSA to all the single mums in the house. A child is the best gift God can give to anyone Wether married or not. Yes! we may have made the mistake of falling for the wrong men but we should not let that bring us down . God has and will continue to give us the grace to raise our children
My story started in 2002. after I graduated from secondary school. I was soo naive and didn't know what life was all abt. My mum had an NGO so I usually followed her for community work. I met this lawyer during one of our visits. He was part of our team and we travelled to the community's together. before I knew it he started toasting me oh! the funny part of it was that he was a Muslim,  abt 20yrs older than me and he was married with two children then. All the friends around me then were Muslims and had one sugar daddy or the other so I saw it as a normal thing.

To cut it short, we dated for 5yrs and he was like my daddy oh! he no dey gree man come near me. if e see any, na wahallah for me oh! he go even slap me join sef. at a point, I began to understand that what I was doing was wrong but I was neck deep in the relationship. In the fifth year I prayed that God wud bring a man to me, a man that I can love enough for me to say God bye to this my alhaji sugar daddy. I met this sweet guy during my IT and we started a relationship.  we loved each other and decided that we wud end up together.  FINALLY! I ended it with this man . he started stalking me . he wud call and say that I have no right to leave the relationship. my new boo lived in jos and jos is my home town so I frequented jos as much as possible just to avoid him. we even did an informal introduction to our parents
Few months later, I was my way out of my house when I saw him. he knelt down and begged me not to leave him . even cried oh! I had a soft spot for him so naso I gree oh! , 3 months on,i missed  my period  but I started bleeding after like 5 days. the blood no resemble period blood so I was scared and rushed to the hospital. the doctor checked me and said I had a miscarriage and I he has to flush me so as not to cause any blockage in my fallopian tubes. That was how I was painfully flushed. two weeks on, I was still feeling bad so I returned to the hospital. the doctor said it can't b pregnancy so I tested for malaria and typhoid and it came out positive.  He said that the sickness was the reason for my feelings and there was no how I was still pregnant.  I took the antibiotics but didn't feel better so I decided to go for scan and behold, the doctor said "CONGRATS  MADAM, U R 6 WEEKS PREGNANT" There and then, I took a decision to have that baby.
When I told him, naso tori start say him na renowned politician and it will b a scandal for him. that it's either I get rid of it or he won't have anything to do with me or the baby. I told him no problem. I have made the mistake and I will bear the consequences I said goodbye to him and decided that I'm alone. I told my parents about it, they were heartbroken but gave me thier unconditional support.  I had to break up my relationship. it hurt my new guy so badly cos I didn't even give him any reason.
when I was six months pregnant, I registered for anti natal. My Mum and dad who gave me thier support told me to withdraw from the hospital. they  wud register me in another, I obeyed
but it was after I put to bed that I heard that he payed the doctor to give me an injection that will kill the babu in my womb but the doctor rejected it ( like Nigerian film oh)
I gave birth to my bouncing baby boy and named him David. the ceremony was the talk of town cos my parents made it big to shut every gossip mouth.  went back to school after 5 months and graduated as one of the best students in civil engineering dept.
God blessed me and I'm so grateful to him I'm a civil engineer and a beautician.  David touched the lives of everyone in my family and I thank God for bringing him to my life. He is 8yrs old now.
 My dear FINSTARS! it's ok to make mistakes, it's ok to stumble and fall but as soon as u realise your mistakes, pick up what's left of u and bounce back stronger and better than u used to b. I love u all

I saw it on facebook and decided to share ....

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