Sunday, October 2, 2016

A lady killed a snake in her living room...

God is so wonderful to my household dis  afternoon after we finish eaten. Me and hubby went inside the room to relaxed.. I went straight to the bed hubby joined me...we were gisting .

When my husband saw nothing moving on the window... And he said honey see snake in a low voice.... I was thinking he was playing because he jokes a lot...but when I turn back close to me was a snake.  I just jump up from the bed..hubby quickly ran to the next room to pick up a cutlass .me I ran to my gate man house to get kerosene.. Cos my mother in-law told me kerosene make snake very weak then I came back hubby took the kerosene and started spraying it to the direction the snake was ...the snake ran under our bed...we were confused.. We started remove everything from the bed.. To cut the story short I took the kerosene and spray more of it under the bed. Me and hubby did not talk again because of noise.
So it can come God be the glory my husband kill the devilish Snake.... I just want to share my experience dis  hot afternoon. Pls help me thank God for is love in my home. After everything my hubby told me honey..

my name is Munachiso meaning. I NEVER WALK ALONE.

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