Monday, October 3, 2016

A mother apprdictes the son for helping her to take care of his younger sis ....

I bet you all have a wonderful day at work , home everywhere you are. Its gonna be a blessed week for us all and a fruitful month as well. ok on Saturday i was very busy cleaning the house plus cooking and trying to take care  of my little diva.....but something happen and that make me believe i have a man even when daddy is not home.

My  7 years old son decide to take care of his sister while i finish up my cores. I work night shift, came home in the morning and everywhere was looking not nice lol , i decide to take a quick nap but my 5 month old Diva wont let me so i got up to get cleaning before i go to work at night. My daughter was crying cos she,s an attention sicker , which is y i call her Diva lol. I was about to back her as we mom does and my son said mummy pleas let me help you take care of Adeola while you finish up cleaning so u can get some rest before going to work because you need to. I said ok .

He went into d room and brought a wrapper and said i will back her and keep her busy for u mummy.

And here they Are. Adedeji (7yrs) and Adeola (5months)

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