Thursday, November 10, 2016

A message to My Ex

Against all odds, against all norms, against what people expect of me, against wat I expect of me, against my word, my pride, my ego, my self esteem, against d world, I confess... I STILL LOVE YOU... Yes I still do. Know why? Hmmmnn too long to type... But well, Fate has its way, could be we truly not meant to be or maybe not, guess time will tell, am not much of a poet, (like u lol)... miss you a lot, list of what I miss... I miss d beginning, when you were my best friend, I miss d fights when we check each other's phone, I miss d nights all you needed was massage, I miss d mornings you never let me off d hook for morning devotions (I was always shy of my neighbours hearing me sing praises) but you wouldn't let me, I miss d fights when one person eats more meat than the other, I miss d shoprites, I miss when someone will send you money and you would take me to a boutique (u weren't dumb, u loved me, I planned on giving my whole life just to return that little favour... it wasn't lil to me), I miss d way you always wanted me to look good (I wanted that too, just always focussed more on future... I don’t think that,s bad), I miss d movie nights (everybody hates chris), I miss d nights when I woke you to go pee, I miss how we designed together ( ur creative additions.... you will still be d name in my graphics design biography... kudos)... To cut it short I miss 2012... if I couldn,t have just one wish i'd stay in 2012 for life.... (I had a queen)... Hmmn but life happened, tins changed, I had my faults,you had urs, Away from that... Omowunmi, you are a good person... I give you that, and I will never speak bad of you anyday, anytime till I die ( even though I don,t get d favour returned), I cant boast of any expensive shit I gave to u, but I gave you my most expensive property (my heart), (tot that should be like d greatest... hmmn well I guess not in your world... d new world you put urself... ), Maybe someday u'd realise, maybe not, maybe someday you will realise d little tins of life matters most, I was gonna give you that heart and all the expensive shit wouldn,t flow in eventually,  had my mistakes (cant take them back), but you still haven’t seen the messsge I tried for years to pass... Maybe you will, maybe not, if you think 2012 was rubbish and u were bin childish, speak to people that have a soul about it, if u think that wasn't pure happiness, think deeply again, but you cant think that deep when you are surrounded wit glams and flashy places and faces but is true happiness found in that zone, well maybe or maybe not, I do have taste too and I don,t mind d glams too, that,s y I strive... Anyway... this is a thank you messge... Thank you for d amazing best period of my life.. I could only hope I get something better... a better new experience of happiness and love. I'd cherish every moment if I find that again. Thank you... Thank you for upgrading me, thank you for d prayers, thank you for believing even when I doubted myself... Thank you for everything too long to type... Am doing really good between (case u care to know).. You know what they say about if you love something you gotta let it go, if its your,s it'll come back.. well, I console myself sometimes with that 😊... I cant force you to see tins my way, you have your  own believes, my greatest wish is that you someday pull yourself out from d whole world, block all d voices in your head and then think deeply if on that day you still don't realise u r looking down on d wrong road, den I guess 2012 wasn,t the real you... I wish we could just have one day, a whole day to meet and talk... I have things to say that cant be typed... but anyway like I said... This is a thank you message... Thank you omowunmi, u r a rare gem. Stay good...

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