Thursday, November 3, 2016

A sub Needs advice

There's this guy I liked so much but he has a gf, though we av been friends on fb for years now, some months ago he asked that I date him that he is not really into the girl anymore, I knew it wasn't the right thing but coz I got out of an horrible relationship that didn't end well, the one I told u before which the house helped me I accepted unknowingly to me it was okay,  he takes me out he even comes to pick me from the office, so one day I decided to tell him I have no where to stay coz he knows I squat with a friend sometimes near his area and I told him she isn't around for that day and I asked if I could come spend the nite at his place but he bluntly said he is going clubbing with his friends and I got mad and told him he was  supposed to tell me he is going clubbing with his gf or maybe his girlfriend is home but he didn't say a word and said he knew I was going to say that, so later I just told him never to call me again coz i.will never, the truth is I like him he is my kind of man and when we were still together he kept telling me to fight for what I want which is him and I told him I can't fight coz of a guy, and now I taking to him. Tell me am a fool pls but before now sole weeks ago he ago but I refused picking the call and now I want to hear from him..

pls what do I do, should I just let down my pride and give him a call????

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