Sunday, November 20, 2016

Imo State: Man commits suicide in Umuaka: *The true story of what happened -

The picture shows the dangling dead body of a vibrant young man who committed suicide in Umuezikeoha in Uba village in Umuaka, Njaba Local Govt Council of Imo State, Nigeria. He is called "Nnaah' by his friends and admirers. He is the son of one Mr. Iwuanyanwu who has been sick and bed ridden for a very long.
Reporters Camera correspondent visited the family of Mr. Iwuanyanwu, who is battling with stroke this afternoon to confirm the story making round the social media on what actually led to his son, taking his own life.

Our correspondent discovered that the body of late Nnaah was left dangling on the rope from where he committed suicide from yesterday till today. When asked why the dead body was not untied from the rope and left dangling, our correspondent was told that according to Umuaka custom and tradition, if anyone commits suicide, a lot of sacrifices were needed to be performed before bringing the dead body down for burial and that such bodies cannot be deposited in the mortuary, adding that it was not everyone that is allowed to touch the dead body. According to the man who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, a certain set of people in Igbo race are the only people who can touch the dead body. When asked to speak more on this, he declined further comments.

It was gathered that the deceased got a visa to travel to South Korea. Since ever he got the visa he has been on his sick father's neck to sell the only plot of land the family farms on. The father did not refuse but needed to seek the opinion of his first son, Emeka, also knows as "Mehelo" who is currently living in Senegal.

However, late Nnaah was not patient as he quickly arranged for a buyer without his father's knowledge and sold the plot of land at the sun of N1,000,000.00. When the buyer came to their house yesterday with cash and agreement, his father, Mr. Iwuanyanwu did not sign but he pleaded with his visitors (buyer and witness) from his sick bed to go and come back on a later date to enable him sort the matter out with his first son, Emeka and another male child he had outside the wedluck who has not formally returned to the family.

This our correspondent gathered that this infuriated Nnnah and he started threatening to take his life after the buyer left with his money and the witnesses.

It was learnt that late Nnaah has threatened to kill every respected member of Umuezikeoha community who dared advise him on that plot of land. Sometime ago, our reporter gathered, Nnah beat up a member of the family, his mate and inflicted so many matchet cuts on him for advising him to look for any other means to source funds for his oversea trip since as last child, he was not customarily supposed to sell a land.

Many people who spoke to Reporters Camera said that late Nnaah has been threatening to kill someone and then kill himself. Many expressed delight that he did not carry out the threat of killing someone before taking his own life.

To make it worse, the young man took his life right in front of his sick father. Mr. Iwuanynwu looked helplessly as his own son tied the rope, carried a chair, stood on it, fixed the rope in his neck and finally committed suicide right in front of his sick father. Mr. Iwuanyanwu is sick, bed-ridden and too weak to raise alarm for help. People were seen discussing the bad life style of late Nnah who was in the habit of beating people up, abusing elders and always threaten to kill somebody and kill himself.

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