Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Picture: 7 years old who stole garri and was burnt alive .....

Marketplace9ja: The Evening Market

#Clap for yourself Nigeria,  it is Okay to burn a 7 year old for stealing.

Presh, take a deep breath...take another...breathe in... Out,... Take a long breath.... Wush!!!

Nigeria, clap for yourself o. It is very very good to stone a 7 year old,  hit him until he passes out and film yourselves collectively taking a life while people went to work. Why wouldn't you have time to kill a boy? There's no work.

So, a 7 year old stole garri, in 2016 and none of you could buy a cane and flog him. None of you could beat him or something. A 7 year old whose state of feeding you don't know,  a child whose Aunty might have starved or something, a child who has a 100% chance to transform completely even if he wasn't a first time offender?

See, here in Nigeria we are dark people. Dark souls, darkness permeates our very attempt at being good. Our first inclinations are animalistic in nature. We love noise and have an innate proclivity to violence and blood shed. We don't rationalize. We hate laws and rules. We are jungle people and so we pass jungle justice. Yes, all of us. Exonerate yourself! Last week at Aba, a woman was burnt on the streets, her private part being violated by guys who made a video doing it. No! Nobody cried out. It was ok, because she was part of kidnappers who took money and killed the victim. Really now? The government didn't hold anyone accountable for killing a woman with such violence. People cheered and brought fuel and tire.

Today again in Badagry. I am not going to mince word, the 98% of those people who gathered there won't return my phone if I misplace it. That guy who lifted  a stone and stoned the child won't return my wallet if he found it. So, where was there moral justifications? Do not get me wrong, he should be told in certain terms that he shouldn't steal. He should be flogged and fed. He was hungry. He was only a child, only God knows the harshness of life his was!

So today, Nigeria gathered on shoes and slippers, on jeans and chinos, Yoruba and pidgin and bloodied a child. Our street dried his blood. Today, Nigeria brought fuel and lighted a child because, he wanted to eat. And tonight, you'd lie down and have sex and sleep. How do you people actually sleep at night? Oh, this is disgusting!

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