Friday, December 2, 2016

A Sub Needs advice..

Hi admin, I need an advice... I cheated on my boyfriend and he got to know about it, was at his place today and told me everything and the worst part of it is that the guy is his friend, not close like that but they talk once in a I felt disappointed, I felt ashamed, was speechless, was begging him and he said he had forgotten about it since but I still don't believe, feel guilty.

 I'm really scared of what might happen next=(. He got to know when I used the guy's pix on whatsapp ,just wishing him well when he travelled .. now chatted him up and lied that I was his friend's bae.. the boy con said it all. He kept it to himself since last month,And my affair with that boy wasn't serious, not up to a month sef. He called me names.. said I'm a disappointment, betrayal, cheat, traitor this and that,Said he trusted and proud of me but I let him down. I keep apologising but said I should forget it. But my conscience is worrying me, don't know what's on his mind. What should I do now cos I'm afraid and don't want to lose him *tear*

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