Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Sub Needs Advice

Hello admin, thanks for the good work and may the good God perfect everything concerning you.   Fellow MTC subs, please advice me on dis issue cos am confused as i type this. I'm a lady and i met a guy during the end of my second year in the university and we started off as friends...later,  we started dating. Though we started well but things turned bad as we continued.

He had some girls before we met but he left them as soon as we started dating(that's not even the issue cos i was aware when he told them never to call him again n we were cool). But he never wanted to see me with any guy...though i had lots of guys around me, i gave up my friendship with them just to satisfy him but he's over jealous and no matter how much i assure him of my love, he was never secured.....
 There was one time we had an argument and he raised his hands at he beat me that day that i almost choked on my own breath. I then called my best friend's cousin (a guy n my best friend too was a guy...we've been friends for 4 years now) to come take me away from d guy n he came. He called the police on him but i pleaded on his behalf. I slept at my best friend's place n he told me he does not want to see me with my boyfriend again n i told him I've heard. My boyfriend called me that night to apologise n i forgave him...hoping he wouldn't do such again but he continues beating me at every opportunity. Along the line, i dated my best friend and everything got messed up though we still love each other but we can't be together (religion n tribal issues). Now, i met a guy who is  in love with me n wants me to marry him and my boyfriend is somewhere thinking am still inlove with him but the love faded off the first moment he laid his fists on me. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be tagged 'heartbreaker' and i don't want to remain in an unhealthy relationship.
 I'm in my final year now...though m still very young (just 19), i don't want to make a life long mistake dahz y m asking for ds advice. He thinks he's goin to change but i don't think so...his anger is uncontrollable and he breaks stuffs weneva he's angry. After beating me, he'll then apologise as if his life depends on me...i don't know wat else to do...even if i decide to keep quiet wen he's displaying, he'd almost kill me... Please help

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