Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Sub Needs Advice..

Admin. . Being in a relationship with a girl I met 2014 in school at Akwa Ibom.. we kind of became like husband and wife . Some said we were the best couple in school two years in a row. After finishing my diploma course there. I came back to Delta state , she remain in Akwa Ibom tho we both are from Akwa Ibom but I've been living here In Delta almost half of my life .

 After leaving each other in 2015 things were good at first but I started noticing some changes . This year she happened to come visit me as usual from Uni illorin ,she log into her facebook with my phone ..After she left I just went through it and saw she was cheating on me with 3 guys. I called her ..i felt hurt and dissapointed cos we stayed together for almos 2 years ..was betrayed ..she cried and said she won't do it anymore ..after much plead we got back together . Right now am having that feeling she's cheating on me again .I don't know what to do ......

I need your help

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