Thursday, December 29, 2016


Hello admin, it's me marvellous again from osun state, please I need advice on this issue my friends girlfriend is trying to seduce me, this evening at 07:11pm I saw a message from her and this message baffles me because it's not a greeting message or season message it's a love message, so

I reply her "THANKS" but again she send another message, then I reply again that, bukkey these messages that you sent me, are not greeting or season messages, it's love messages,   but what she did was she send another love message, then I called her line to confirm maybe it was a mistake she did but what I heard surprises me, she said all she sent to me was what's in her mind about me that he wants to date me, then t told her that is she joking or what, she said she mean it that she loves me, I said, but am your boyfriends friend, she said it's nothing that she knew already, then I disconet the call, but since then she has been calling me and am not picking it, because am surprised and don't know what to say or do, am Short on words, admin please I need comments. Marvellous.

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