Friday, December 2, 2016


NYSC, I believe you were better when you started... I believe people that created you had a good motive.. I believe your so-called purpose was fulfilled. Looking at you, your idea seems good to me. People coming together from different cultural, religious, political, moral background to live together in harmony. The joy of leaving one's comfort zone to mix with other folks, seeing the beauty of their culture... Trying to learn and speak their Language. It must be really fun for our FATHERS and MOTHERS

BUT here you are today,  all trashed up and shattered...It's obvious you have lost your purpose. Discrimination is now your most-cherished watchword.. Imagine getting to the market in east and market women inflating their prices cos you ain't igbo and you are a Corp member...

Now, different ethnic groups form associations in camp...Igbo association of corpers...Ekiti indigent group... And so on
Now,  what's your purpose?...tell me... Just tell me what your purpose is

Prospective Corp members travel a long distance just to see your face.. But what do you offer them??...  Not even water to relieve themselves...I almost died in an auto crash just to see you... What did you do?... NOTHING!
Dolapo left the whole of southwest to far Kano to meet you.. What did she get as a result of your negligence? DEATH!!!!!! oh poor Dolapo... Even as I type this, I couldn't just stop crying...not because I'm Dolapo too... But how will she just die like that rendering service to a nation that has not offered her nothing

During Edo state election...a serving FUTARIAN died too...Along portharcourt road, a serving newly married bride died on her way back from camp...i can go on and on...

Why must we serve a country that care less about us? Why must we put our lives on the line for you?... Is it because of your #19800...?...
In my opinion...NYSC has lost her purpose... Let us rest home with our loved ones... It's high time you stopped giving us pains for nothing...

My name is Dolapo....and I owe these scars to you

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