Wednesday, December 28, 2016


My name is Cynthia Udoh (Mrs) It happened last week. I was on my way to one of my friends wedding in IMO state, and despite my husband warning me not to go because I was heavily pregnant, i insisted on going. That morning, i prayed and committed my journey to God's hand, so I embarked on the journey. I did not know the bus I entered was a trap by ritualist!

We were 18 passengers in the bus. When we got in the middle of the road, far away from the city, the driver stopped and one of them sprayed us with powder, immediately, my co-passengers started sleeping! But the charm did not work on me because am pregnant! The driver regardless drove us into a thick forest and one fearful looking man started stripping us naked, and lined us up. Then one man came, who I later learnt was the BUTCHER!, he put a charm on the first lady on the line, she fainted and he beheaded her immediately. That was how the evil man start cutting people's head one after the other, I was at number 12, he beheaded 11 people before me, and when he got to my place, the charm caught fire and the man shouted! WOMAN! WHO ARE YOU??!!! " I screamed "JESUS!! JESUS!!! JESUS!!!!!! The man fell down and shouted TAKE THIS WOMAN AWAY FROM HERE!!!!! SHE IS A SPIRIT!! Immediately, their security drove me out and dropped me at IMO STATE BUS STATION, (we spent a day in the jungle).
My people, That was how GOD saved me from untimely death! I don't know what happened to the other passengers but God singled me out!.
NOW I PRAYED, 1000 MAY FALL BY THE RIGHT HAND SIDE, 1000 BY THE LEFT, GOD WILL SINGLE YOU OUT! you shall not fall victim of ritualist in JESUS NAME! God will make you too HOT for your enemies IN JESUS NAME! type amen and SHARE. THANKS.

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