Thursday, January 5, 2017

A lady saw a straight bullet in her compound

So last night 31st december, we had a vigil at home as none of us was able to make it to church. Before the vigil, my mum's house help kept begging me for us to go to night vigil at a nearby church and then shoot banger afterwards. Usually, I indulge her request every year, but I felt uneasy about going anywhere last night. Something kept on telling me to stay at home instead. She was sad, but I promised to make it up to her later.

Fast forward to vigil time, we sang and prayed as God ushered us into the new year. One of our rituals after new year vigil was always to open wine and celebrate with neighbours outside. Still for some reason, none of us had strength to go outside and celebrate. Instead we huddled together in the sitting room, sending new year messages to friends and gisting amongst ourselves. Our neighbours were shooting bangers and even calling us on the phone to come and join them outside. Yet, we stayed put.
All of a sudden we heard a loud sound on our front door, my elder brother took it for a stone or banger thrown by one of the children from the other compound. We did not pay any mind to it and eventually went to bed.
Fast forward to this morning, my mum's girl came outside to get something, only to find a bullet at the front door. Chineke!!! Our minds started racing, what if we had come outside to celebrate and the stray bullet hit someone? Imagine making it to the new year only for one to be hit by a stray bullet in his own house!
Fellow Finsters help me and thank God for his mercies upon me and my family. Our God will continue to protect each and everyone of us from the plans of Satan and they shall never see us...AMEN.
On a lighter note, Happy new year everyone...yes we made it into 2017!!!

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