Monday, January 2, 2017

A sub Needs ADVICE

A sister of mine is not happy in her marriage that is blessed wit a son.she was so desperate to get married and start having kids because she feel that she getting old.she was 31 at 2015 when she tot to shut her eyes n marry d available. Allen was a family friend son.he has had an eye for her over d years but never had d courage to speak out or get close.he managed to kip in touch on wit calls once in a while as though seeking for green light. Juliet seized one of such opportunity to hook up wit him and they carried on dating from may/june. PREGNANCY fell in by November a rushed traditional  marriage by Jan 2016. Now baby is 5 months.....

Trouble started immediately from preparation of the marriage. Is discovered that the husband is the type that wants to order wife around,thinks offline wifey. That is not on same page reasoning. It became an issue when she keeps fighting every attitude of his that don't correspond wit hers. Not knowing how to express himself like a lover. Like constant reminder of how he appreciate her value her...appraise her efforts,her looks....friends n pals do say things like he is local,he got liver to have married juliet...she is presently worried as she know that even though she never loved at first,she hoped to work on it n grow on it...but she believes he kept killing her efforts n she feel she not supposed to be with him..Since they have not gone to church to seal the union she feel like ending it all.But tot of family hers n his.d child's future too.she thinks she should just kip going. Even though her mind is not with him.....

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