Thursday, January 19, 2017


I have two things bothering me
I have been into this relationship for 3years now. He is my first love and to an extent, everybody around know he loves me and i love him too.He goes out of his way to please me, buy me things and all.The relationship hasnt been a smooth one like dat cos we both are not perfect,morever the guy is a womanizer.The thing is this, he feels he is the only one i have been having sex with all this while.During the times he cheated on me, i also tried paying him back but im always getting burnt.the other guys(3) i dated and had sex with was always during the cheating and paying back time and it was just once which was 2015.All through 2016,i have been faithful, though he still cheats and all but i decided to let him be,although we are alwz fighting wenever i read chats on his phone or see any traces.
Now,these are the 2 things bothering me.
1. I hope he wont find out i got to sleep with other guys behind him cos during those cheating and paying back time, he caught me and i confessed dating d guy but i dint tell him he slept with me.he even made me swear
Secondly,how do i take my mind off all his cheating habits, i get angry wenever i see his chats with different girls.i want to stop checking his phones, monitoring him and all. But i cant get hold of myself
Pls advise

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