Tuesday, January 31, 2017


One of my friend who got married early this year called me, he said '' my guy, am tired of that so called wife ooooo '' I asked why? And he said, she was a pretender, she pretended for me to marry her. But changed after the wedding.. I asked again ''how? He continued' 'Do you know, I used to give that girl #1,000 and she will collect, go to the market, buy things and cook good food for us? Now after our wedding, if I give her #2,000 for food, she will
complain that is not enough '' I replied '' my guy, Noooooooo!! She Was not pretending @all.. Let me explain it better, Do you know the mistakes we men do, Is that we do misunderstood ladies. Do you know a lady can manage you as her boyfriend, but she can't manage you as her husband? She can only cope with you and manage her marriage.. When you date a girl. You give her #1,000 to prepare food, she goes, come back and cook food of #2, ate the food and tell her,you lick the plate and tell her.. thank you honey, your food is sweet, you never cared to know how she came about with such meal with your #1,000, especially if she is not working. You can't even ask her, Dear, I gave you #1,000, how come you cook the food of #2,500, where did you get the remaining money? All you could tell your friends is that my girl is good!! She can manage ooooo, if I give her #1,000 and she cook expensive food without complaining,, I will marry her''and your friends will ignorantly reply you '' O boy she is good '' how I desire for such a woman ooooo.. You might not know what she did to support her relationship with you. But when once is married, she won't be able to do such things again, she won't be able to support the way she used to, coz, she terminated those money avenues, just to be with you as her husband, try to understand women and you won't have problem with them
They are very simple if you understand them..


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