Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I was a single girl until I started seeing this guy since March Last year, we've been going strong and I travel down to porthacourt to see him, we get to see regularly despite the fact that its a long distance relationship, He told me he was going to marry me and I believed
him cos according to him, he loves me and am the only girl in his life. Bt yesterday, while I was scrolling through on Facebook, I saw a picture of him he uploaded, I likes the picture right there and decided to scroll through the comments. Someone asked him a question that "he(the person) is tired of seeing a single picture of him that when is he settling down naw?" He answered by saying "soon". The one that broke my heart was when another question popped up asking "where is madam naw, I was expecting her to be in this picture" He answered by saying "who do you think took the picture? Madam did. She says hi".
I was heartbroken!!
I cried...because I was scared of initially going into a relationship with any guy, I decided to give him a chance and this is what I get? Thing is, the last time we talked on phone was on 16th January, not like we're beefing or something.. we even made plans to see at the end of the month but he has neither called nor texted.
He's probably busy planning a wedding or sum'n. I just feel he's keeping secrets from me. I've been faithful to him to a fault.
How do I confront him and make him open up to me? Cos am really scared right now.😢

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