Thursday, February 16, 2017


True Life Story
Enjoying my sleep in the evening around 8pm on saturday, na 10pm i dey
take sleep before but since no food to chop i gat to sleep and put the
groaning worm in my stomach at rest, i havent slept 30 minutes wen my
phone rang, i check the caller na blessing.
Me: baby whatsup
blessing: i don tell you make you nor dey call me baby again, where you

me: i dey my house na where you expect make i dey before?
blessing: your girlfriend house na.
Me: i don tell you na only you be the girl wey i get.
Blessing: na who be your girl, let my guy catch you, your own don finish
be that, abeg i don buy that laptop come help me check am weda na
better one and to configure am for me abeg.
Me: abeg make am tommorow i dey tire and i wan sleep.
Blessing: abeg na i nor fit watch film for inside self and i need to keep
myself busy.
Me: call your boyfriend na
blessing: i don tell you my guy no dey leave here.
Me: na who come dey sample u na?
Blessing: sample what?
Me: sorry nothing.
Blessing: e better be nothing rotten mind, by the way i cook rice.
Me: am on my way.
Blessing na my coursemate for one polytechnic wey dey MCC aba, i don
try chike the babe many times, but the babe dey form strong head for
me, but since she want something from me then i must get something in
return apart from the rice, we must balance the equation, afterall one
great man say, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite
reaction”. There must be an opposite reaction today oh.
ingredient nor dey dey her food but the food dey sweet well, she is dark
in complexion not too tall, her behind not too big and not too small, her
b----t is average also, as for me am fair, hairy and tall.
I put on my clothes and took my phone and my earpiece why i head to
her place, her house far small sha but i gat no choice, i must consume
that rice oh, i check the time 8:45pm, everywhere is dark nobody dey
road, e be say people quick enter house today oh, maybe na the wether
cause sha,
i was walking slowly enjoying the music booming from my earphone like
tecno Boom J7 when someone flash light from behind, i removed the
earpiece i heard a lady voice from my back calling my name “ozilla” i
turn back i saw nobody, na who come call my name na, e be like say the
hungry don dey make me hear different things, i pocket my phone and
continue moving i fasten my footstep, half way to her place i heard the
voice again, a slick tender voice from my back, “why are you moving
fast” i look back again i saw nobody, oboy na which kind thing be this
na, i run oh because this time i heard it clearly, i ran as fast as i can
till i get to blessing house. i didnt hear her till i reach her house, she
live in a fence house but no gate, her room was build separately beside
the main building just like a store, one room.
I knock on her door, she didnt answer, i knock again and i heard ” who
is that”
Me: idiot na me open the door.
She open the door and i enter and i quickly closed the door.
Blessing: wetin happen why u dey sweat like hegoat.
Me: u nor go understand.
Me: abeg give me water first, before i quench.
Blessing: tell me wetin happen wey you dey sweat like this, na dog
pursue you?
No be only dog, this one worse pass dog, e for better if na dog, but dog
no dey talk na, she gave me water, i look around no sign of any cooked
Me: wey the food wey you say you cook?
Blessing: abeg no vex i know say u nor go come thats why i use the food
draw you.
Me: please tell me you are joking.
Blessing: am not and am sorry.
Me: you mean say all this suffer wey i don suffer for road all na for
Blessing: no vex na abeg i just want you to help me with my laptop.
Chai awish no be girl i swear i for slap her, I was very angry, i stood
up, go to the door and wanted to leave, she stood up quickly and block
the door.
Me: let me dey go abeg.
Blessing: why you dey quick vex like this na.
Me: if you know the kind thing wey happen for road you nor go talk like
Blessing: na wetin go happen wey you go come leave without eveing
seeing the laptop.
Me: that one no concern me again, i need something to quench the worm
disturbing my stomach.
I wanted to move her away from the door so that i will pass, she hold
the hand and put it on her chicks, looking at me in a seductive way, i
rub her chick with my hand while she bite her lips in a seductively, she
wore red legins with a handless shirt, she put her two hands around my
neck, draw my head closer and gave me a sweet kisss, waoh i was
flabbergasted, girl wey i don dey try to chike since come dey give me
free kiss, omo i gat to grab the opportunity.
I return the kiss and press her against the door, i press her b----t and
she moan a little, i removed her shirt and move her bra one side and kiss
her sweet b----t, she moan again, i lose her bra and bury my face in
her b----t as she use her right leg to draw my body closer to her.

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