Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Why am I writing about this? Because I have come across a lot of women who held on after a break up for years while the guy moved on, got married had six and a half kids and basically lived his life. Then the women woke up years later and realized that life went past them, menopause has hit and they are facing a fast-approaching old age alone, no kids and no companion.
Sadly, the dream has come to an end. Doesn’t matter who was right, and who left who. Bottom-line, you are left with a lot of pain and shattered dreams. Here is how to let go fast so you can move on with your life.

Take one night and have a good cry about it, alone in the privacy of your bedroom. Feel free to wallow in all the self-pity while you can because after this night, you are not allowed to pity yourself again. After you are all cried out, get a clean sheet of paper and a pen. Now write out all the nasty names you would like to call the ex-guy. Get as creative as you want to be because you are going to burn this sheet when you are done. Also write about the break up and how you feel as if you were telling a trusted friend. Why write? Because you can be sure your story will not get bandied around amongst all your other friends and your last shreds of dignity trampled on the ground. When you are done, burn this sheet.
Next, time to obliterate every trace of this guy in your life. Delete all text messages to and from him, all mails, all photos , his phone numbers etc. Why, because going back to read mails, messages etc and look at pictures trying to figure out what went wrong will only keep you in a place of weakness. Delete his number from your phone, hell block him from your facebook , whatsapp and all other accounts for as long as you need to get over him. And if he comes to mind, make a conscious effort to will your thoughts onto something else. If you do all of this, after a while, you will not feel any pain. You may add him later again when you believe he no longer has any hold over your feelings. And no, you may not listen to all of the sorry broken heart songs like ‘All at once’ and ‘I can never find another lover more sweeter than you’ please!! Just because your heart got broken does not mean you cannot experience love with another person. And you are not going to discuss him with friends from now hence. Anyone ask you about him (some will out of malice!), you say you don’t know him from a can of paint like Queen Latifah!
Next, write a love letter to yourself. Tell yourself how worthy of love you are, how much you love you and how much you value yourself. Then resolve that from now hence, people are only going to treat you with as much love and respect as you treat yourself. Write down all the things you love and admire about you. Heck, stand in front of a mirror and praise yourself.
Resolve only to look your best every time you step out of your house, even if you are only going to buy salt. No greater revenge than to see your ex look at you and wonder why he let you go in the first place. Plus knowing you look good will make you feel good inside. If you don’t work out already, add exercise to your life. You will feel good that you are doing something nice for you .
Then get a life! Nope, you may not hide form the world. Hold you head up high, and socialize. If you want dinner, take yourself out to a restaurant and pay the bill! Buy yourself gifts. Now any new guy trying to get into your life would have to understand that he needs to meet the standards with which you treat yourself. And if it is so bad you still feel the need to talk with someone, you may get in touch with me.....



  1. Thanks for sharing. Timely and helpful.

  2. True talk. I'll say this apply to guys too.


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