Friday, February 17, 2017


So many young ladies have lost their dream husband out of carelessness. meeting his family for the first time is a crucial stage of marriage especially in Africa. “first impression counts.”

1. Gone are those days when mothers love ladies who wear a long skirt and a big polo top like someone going to the moon. mothers have come to realise that such ladies turn to Jezebel after wedding. This doesn’t mean that you should put on a bump short and a crazy top revealing all your cleavage.
it is good to be yourself. Be sure you are comfortable in what you wear. put on what can make you presentable to his family.

2. Make sure you eat or drink before you leave. It is almost impossible that you won’t be offered a drink or meal. please don’t turn them down, no matter how what you are offered looks. it only shows you accept them for who they are.

3. control your mouth. Don’t talk too much than you are expected. It is wrong to start telling his family about your family I.e about how your mother left your father or how your father beats your mum always. it is damn wrong.
His siblings might want to know how he treats you. That’s none of their business,after all he is their brother. They should know him better.

4. Never go to see his parent with nothing. it is wrong to do so. it doesn’t matter how little. it only shows that you have them in mind.

5. When you leave his family,don’t say bad things about them to your fiance. blood is blood no matter what.

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